Final Portfolio

This is it! Our last project due for JMC 3423. Below are 10 of my projects that best represent my client, the Noble Public Schools Foundation for Academic Excellence.

This assignment created a new logo for the client.

npsfae logo

This news release discussed the current trend in declining education funding in Oklahoma.

pr trend release

This assignment created two different infographics for the client to use.

pr writing infographics

This was a media advisory for an event hosted by the client.

pr writing media advisory

This assignment was four photos with captions that could be distributed to news media.

pr writing photos

This was a pitch for a PSA video idea. Unfortunately, wordpress will not allow me to upload video.

pr writing PSA

This speech was given by myself at the annual Noble Teacher’s Banquet.

pr writing speech

This press release was written as a general release about the organization.

pr writing general information release

After not having a phone number since founding, I set up a Google Voice page, which allowed people to call the organization. Below is the script that I used.

pr writing google voice script

Lastly, this was my client launch report. This shows the activity that the Facebook generated during our launch period.

pr writing client launch


Overall, this class was a great example of how to work with a real life client, as opposed to a more theoretical approach to public relations. I hope you enjoy my work!

First PR Writing Blog

For the first section of the PR, we primarily focused on researching trends and media associated with our client. My client is the Noble Public Schools foundation for academic excellence. I currently serve on the board, so it is obviously an organization that means a lot to me.screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-10-40-07-pmI found several different trends using Google Trends software. People seemed to be most interested in non-profits in the time before Christmas. This information will influence when we create and push new content to our publics.

I also viewed several social media sites and the primary agency website. The social media presence is severely lacking, and the website i difficult to navigate.

Overall, Im excited to get to hopefully improve a worthwhile cause and increase the funding for my home school district.

Reflecting on PR Publications

It’s been a long, winding road that has led me to the horizon. For my summary of learning project, I made an infographic using Canva. It is yellow (my favorite color) with red details (BOOMER). I chose canva because it was my favorite program to use this semester. Below is a link to the project


The course format was set up well, though sometimes a little overwhelming for someone who has no background in graphic design. Overall though, the course was set up logically and every spaced.

Journaling each week provided me an opportunity to honestly write out what I was good at and what I was not so good at. It was a great forum for self reflection.

I am a fairly proficient writer, so the writing aspect of the class was actually the easiest part for me. I enjoyed combining something that I was good at with something I was new at to provided a good blend of skills.

Though I’m definitely a ways from being a graphic design master, the class definitely gave me a basic understanding of design software. Though for my career, I most likely will not need to use much design software, it is always helpful to have a little knowledge with the programs.

3433 Summary of Learning

For my medium, I have decided to go with Canva. It was the program that I felt the most comfortable with, so I should theoretically have better luck using this software than others.

For the project, I hope to present statistics to show people why pr is a good career choice via an infographic.

This will require me to do a small amount of outside research to gather the necessary statistics to properly build the infographic.

3433…The Future Of My Blog

The idea of a blog to display your work is great. Last year, I was at an aviation convention with my father. We were talking with a vendor when my dad asked if they had any brochures or literature that he could take back to his office. Most of the vendors have their literature on large display stands, but this particular vendor didn’t have any. The sales rep we were talking to told us he had several, and that he would go grab them for us. When he returned, he handed my father a business card with a built in USB chip that had all of their literature stored on it. I absolutely fell in love with this idea of marketing, and I see some similarities between this idea and the idea of a blog.

In the future, I will probably work to entirely redo my blog. My particular career field of choice doesn’t really require much graphic design work (really none at all) so I think my blog will be geared mostly toward relevant examples of my work with writing. I would also probably be interested in creating an area where people can contact me, as well as a page that lists references.

3433 Reading Though My Posts

At the beginning of the semester, I was scared to take this course. I had no experience with any sort of software that we would be using. I had never even seen the interface that photoshop uses, much less used it myself.

As I progressed through the course, I struggled quite a bit with some of the assignment, in both the creative aspect, as well as the actual creation of the material using the software.

There were two notable things that I personally believe that I did moderately well on. The first one was the business card. This was slightly surprising to me, as it was one of the first assignments that we did.

The second was our use of Canva. I felt pretty confident using that software, possibly because of the pre-created templates and objects.

There were several assignments were I probably could have done better. It’s tough to admit, but I wasn’t really excited for the class since it’s not my strong suit, and that meant I probably did not put my best foot forward on several assignments.

3433 Boeing Newsletter

For the final unit before Thanksgiving break, we were asked to finalize our company newsletters. My first attempt did not turn out well. I knew that it was pretty bad, but it was the best I could do at the time. After actually gathering news stories from the Boeing Newsroom, I ended up reworking the entire document and making it look much more professional. I was pretty overwhelmed when I first started the project, but once I started to copy and paste my news stories in, I was able to much more effectively see how the information would fit together.

The newsletter is very minimalist. Many Boeing employees are engineers, so I decided to not include a lot of dramatic graphic design. Below is a copy of the finished work.



PR Pubs 5.1 Reflection

This week, we were asked to create a dummy layout for a newsletter. The newsletter was supposed to come from a Fortune 500 company, so I once again chose a company I used in the past: Boeing. When I was working in InDesign, the dummy layout looked good to me, though slightly basic. When I finalized the PDF and posted it, I wasn’t quite so proud. It still needs some serious work to make it look good.

Here it is: pr-pubs-dummy-layout

I will need to tighten the text boxes a little and make the header area much more eye appealing. Looks like i have lots to take care of next week!

Design Sprint Adventure

This week, we were asked to become familiar with the design software “Canva.”

Personally speaking, I found this software to be much simpler to use than InDesign or Photoshop. For someone like me who prefers simple design software, Canva was much simpler to use. It provides pre-made templates to guide me through making something that is moderately visual appealing.

A clear downside to this type of software is that it limits the creativity of people who are much better at design than I am.

I think that in the future, I will be using Canva for many other design projects.


(PS- Originally, I just thought that Canva was a spelling mistake with Canvas)

Finally Finished! – JMC 3433 Unit 2.3 Reflection

This week, we were ask to finish our business cards and letterhead for the company we chose (in my case, Boeing). Since this was my first ever time using Adobe InDesign, I decided to take a very basic approach. Instead of completely rebranding the entire Boeing corporation, I elected to keep the front of the card very simple, and use the back of the card to display the 100th anniversary information. The overall design was very clean and minimal, which is what I imagine you would expect from a multinational corporation. Boeing wouldn’t giver each of their employees a flashy and “risqué” if you will, business card. I would recommend this approach to any student that isn’t familiar yet with the software. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Take something that already works and simply recreate the design with some minor tweaks. I think that starting simple and focusing on learning the software really helped with my confidence. I’m looking forward to maybe trying something more creative on my next project.